This project came about in a course on Game Design we did at the university. We were a group of six people that had never before written a game (except Minesweeper), and now had to plan, design and write a complete game, preferably playable and fun in the end. We chose to focus on a game that "created its own content", by making it a multi player. We worked and worked, and then hit the deadline, where we almost had a playable game. The problem was that the things missing where the last details that actually make a game playable for other people. These are things like death animations, score keeping, different spawn points and some UI parts that was missing.

I chose to try to pick up the project where we left it, but the code isn't pretty, and some of the functionality had become non-functioning because of updates in the Irrlicht engine. I have worked to fix these things, cleaned up the code a bit and resolved some bugs, but it is still a long way to go! I hope this will get some people to download the code (or binaries) and try it out! Give me a shout if you feel that there is anything you can contribute with. I have also put together a list of stuff that I am VERY aware of that needs to be fixed.


Name: Peter Asplund
Callsign: AzP